QE-360 Services

QE-360 is a consulting, training and sourcing services provider focusing on boosting Software Quality and developing / improving testing and software development processes. We also help clients find the right talent for their specialized requirements such as Quality Engineers/Analysts, Performance Testers, Security Testers, Information Security Officers, and User Experience Designers.


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Get the best of our consultants' expertise. We can assist you in setting up your team, process/standards, transition your QAs to QEs, Software Development Process or in Agile Transformation. Here are some of the areas wherein we can help.

  • 1.   Quality Management Process Establishment / Improvement

  • 2.   Quality Assurance Process Establishment / Improvement

  • 3.   QE Team Establishment / Improvement

  • 4.   Development Process Establishment / Improvement

  • 5.   Agile Transformation

Quality Assurance is barely taught in the academe, while Quality Engineering is even unheard of in the institutions. Let the experts train your resources on how it's done.

Here are some of our best seller trainings that will surely make your talents into well-rounded and industry caliber QEs.

1.   Testing Foundation

2.   Level Up To QE

3.   QE Bootcamp

4.   Agile Transformation

We know how hard it is to get quality talents, especially for unique yet significant roles. Let us provide you high caliber professionals who pass our standards.

Here are some rare positions that we can help you fill.

1.   Quality Assurance Analyst

2.   Quality Engineer

3.   Performance Tester

4.   Security Tester

5.   Usability Tester

6.   AWS Cloud Engineer

7.   User Experience Designer

8.   Information Security Officer


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