Testers: Earn More Even During Pandemic!

Do you know that as a tester, you can earn more money during this time when everyone is scared and locking themselves inside their houses because of COVID-19?

Yes, you heard me right! And I’ll tell you different ways to make this possible just by leveraging on the skills you already have!

Most of us can’t go out, to protect ourselves from exposure to the deadly novel virus. The majority of us have been in community quarantine for more than a week, for others, maybe even longer, to the point that we’ve started or even finished a couple of Netflix series, revisited old books, unboxed several board games, learned new skills, downloaded lots of new apps, and probably busted some moves in TikTok!

The fact remains that we still need to earn money, or probably obtain more!

1. Remember you need to stock more food…

  • We need better nourishment to make our immune system stronger

  • Our supplies deplete faster since everyone is at home and has nothing to do but to consume

2. Bills are becoming bigger

  • Higher electricity bills, more people to use the ref, aircon/fan, more TV and computer time

  • Bigger water consumption, especially now that it’s summer

  • Goods/Produce are more expensive

  • Grocery hoarding

  • Unplanned purchases - lots of alcohol, masks, and disinfectants

  • Bigger data consumption since you have more idle time

We even need a bigger emergency fund since we don’t know how long this pandemic will last. When someone gets sick we are unsure if it’s better to stay at home and self-medicate or take our loved one to the hospital.

Some companies are strict enough to make their employees use their leaves if they can’t go to work.

Lucky for us QAs/QEs, we are in the right industry. Not only because of the great pay but because our job allows us to continue to work from home.

Finally, us bringing home our laptops have finally paid off (unless your company still uses desktops, you don’t have a personal computer, and your company doesn’t have a VPN setup). With this, you still get your regular pay.

But it’s not only that! We can earn more money while being employed in our existing companies.

Yes, you guess it right. REMOTE TESTING

There are 2 types of Remote Testing opportunities.

1. One that requires Testing Experience

Most companies nowadays would not hire someone without testing experience. This is mostly because of the plug and play mindset. They want the new hires to be useful to the project the moment they start.

Such projects that fall under this category can span from a week to months, depending on the size of the project.

Since these are not short tasks, they pay is higher than the ones in the second category. A good starting rate for a Jr. QA is $5 per hour.

Most opportunities are in platforms such as Upwork. You can get several clients at a time - just make sure you can deliver what is expected.

Upwork is not the only site you can get remote testing jobs. Though there are lots of legit work, people mostly hesitate to go to the said platform due to the many restrictions, aside from the pay cut.

2. One that doesn’t require Testing Experience

Companies who would want to get usability assessments for their product before a full launch or continue further development efforts.

These clients pay people - even if they’re not testers, to try their product and get feedback. They will require you to install a recorder that monitors your browsing behaviour while on their site and audio-video recorder to see your facial expression and body language as you voice out your reactions.

These are just short tasks that one can finish in 5-15 minutes. And since these don’t require any formal testing experience and can be done in a very short duration, they pay smaller than the ones that require experience. This would give you $5-20 per engagement! Not bad if you can do, at least 10 a day.

Both of these are paid but varies depending on what engagement you get.

If you want to read the details on both categories, you can let me know which email I should send it to, I have a FREE ebook to be released this April 2020. Register here to get it when it gets released!

What will you get from this free ebook?

  • Remote Testing Define

  • Reasons Why Corporate Testers Make The Shift To Remote Testing

  • Remote Testing Requirements

  • Where Can I Find These Opportunities In The Philippines?

  • Remote Testing Challenges And How To Address Them

  • How To Help You Focus When Working Remotely?

  • Is Remote Testing For Everyone?

  • What Do I Need To Do To Make It Work?

  • Rewards Of Remote Testing

  • What Are The Chances Of A Remote Tester Going Back To Corp?

  • Can I Go Back To Corp After Remote Testing?

  • Challenges In Going Back To Corp?

The second part of the ebook is about Usability Testing which covers the following:

  • Usability Testing Defined

  • Why Conduct Usability Testing?

  • Types of Usability Testing

  • Who Conducts Usability Testing?

  • Who Participates in Usability Testing?

  • Usability Testing As A Career Starter in Software Quality

  • Usability Testing Requirements

  • Why Usability Testing as a Career Starter in Quality?

  • Usability Testing Sites To Try

  • Tips When Signing Up These Sites

  • UT For Existing QAs / QEs - Conducting Usability Testing

  • Free and Paid Resources For Usability Testing

That’s a lot of useful information! If you want a copy of the FREE ebook, register here!


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