Software Is Like A Cake

Do you like cakes?

I don’t like most cakes but I love Mango Bravo! It has all that I’m looking for a cake!

It’s got all layers of goodness! Chiffon, cashew meringue wafers, chocolate mousse, cream, mango, drizzled with chocolate syrup. I can actually a slice (or two, if I’m completely honest)! But I can't eat just one layer. I wouldn't enjoy that!

You know, software is like a cake! It has different layers that make it work the way it should. It has the front-end, API, DB and so on, and it can't work with just one layer.

This is the analogy I give to my clients who want to just work on Front-end in one sprint and API on the other, or vice-versa. Or worse, a “dev’s sprint”. A dev sprint is when they only aim to finish the developer’s task, no testing done, as it’s for a different sprint.

When we do this, we aren't delivering value, it can't be even considered as done! I will not allow a Definition of Done wherein it didn’t pass testing. Not on my watch!

A feature developed without testing is like a cake with all the frosting and drizzles but when you slice it, it breaks like a mush! That’s not what you’d expect from a cake, I mean, an app!

Another thing is how well they stack up. It should be able to hold its own but can adhere well to the next. Integration is key!

So next time someone says let’s just deliver front-end, or just have a dev-done sprint, ask him or her, "do you like cakes?"

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