Remote Testing As A Career

Have you ever thought of TELEPORTING TO WORK to avoid traffic, accidents? Or even hoped for Work From Home to avoid close-contact with people especially now with the COVID-19?

Last March 10 was our first Interactive Live Streaming for our QE Meetup (and it reached 3.2k as we speak, several hours after the live stream) wherein we've talked about REMOTE TESTING AS A CAREER.

We've been doing physical meetups for several years now wherein we invite speakers to talk about Software Quality topics.

Due to the COVID-19, we had to think of another format to sustain the knowledge sharing despite what's happening around.

After several days of planning, we did with our live streaming...

How are live streaming (LS) and career in remote testing (RT) the same?

✅ done online

✅ achieve the goal

✅ need collaboration / interaction online

✅ require good communication

✅ demand good network

✅ save travel and preparation time

For those who are interested in looking into remote testing, watch our video:

We'll be helping aspiring remote testers get projects, so we're also be looking for potential projects!

Contact if you're looking for remote testers or for those interested to do remote testing, pls fill this up after watching the video:

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